Polyus research institute of M.F.Stelmakh


POLYUS Research Institute Joint Stock Company provides high growth rates of output, and also carries out successfully the research and development works. For the last four years the institute practically trebled the total revenue, providing a very steady and stable thirty-percentage annual growth of output.

Three directions of a productive activity are progressing traditionally at POLYUS Research Institute JSC: solid-state (solid-state lasers and devices on their basis), semiconductor (semiconductor lasers and photoreceiving modules), and laser gyroscopy.

The most important direction of works of the institute is laser gyroscopy. The devices are used to upgrade the prime systems and complexes. In recent years an accuracy of the devices was increased more than by 30 times.

Within the solid-state direction the institute continues to work actively in the field of rangefinders and designators, continuing to develop already existing directions of the use of similar devices. These products have an essential export potential when using in complexes, and independently.

The enterprise continues to remain the only supplier of many types of semiconductor lasers and transmitting/receiving modules for fiberoptic communication. One of the new directions of use of semiconductor lasers is optical clocks for GLONASS system.

Semiconductor lasers are the most quickly developing direction of quantum electronics. They master new spectral ranges (UV and IR ranges), are available in the form of arrays and two-dimensional matrixes of semiconductor lasers. The assemblies of powerful semiconductor lasers became a new component in laser technology displacing more bulky carbon dioxide lasers together with fiber lasers.