Polyus research institute of M.F.Stelmakh

Research and development

Polyus Research Institute of M. F. Stelmakh JSC carries out research in the following main scientific and technical directions: solid-state lasers  and devices on their basis, semiconductor lasers of all types, laser gyros and navigation devices, laser crystals, nanoheterostructures for semiconductor lasers and photoreceiving modules, specialized fiberoptic communication lines, receiving  and  transmitting modules for them, laser medical and industrial systems.

Besides, the institute develops laser gyros of average accuracy for various applications.

The lasers and the devices developed at the institute provide a national economy of the country and Army with radically new technical means.

The institute has the department of optoelectronics taking active part in development of the ANGARA advanced rocket-space complex.

The complex for data acquisition and data processing from the airborne sensors of the ground measuring system on the basis of optical fiber has been developed. Replacement of electric cables with light optical fiber gives the undeniable advantages, including decrease of the equipment weight, increase of reliability of the design, propagation of a signal at considerably higher rate. Besides, information security increases: unauthorized access to the system data is almost impossible.

Polyus Research Institute of M. F. Stelmakh JSC has steady high growth rates of volumes of research and development works and serial deliveries, and has the great plans for further development.