Polyus research institute of M.F.Stelmakh

Social sphere

The following objects of social sphere for many years successfully function in Open Joint Stock Company "Polyus research institute of M.F.Stelmakh":

  • health center in which periodic medical examinations of employees, examination of driver personnel, provision the first and emergency medical aid to employees of the enterprise, medical procedures are performed;
  • sport base with weightlifting section, aerobic group, recreational gymnastics group.
  • dining room.

The enterprise provides its employees with social privileges and guarantees, including: lump sum allowance on retirement; additional payments for length of service leave; additional paid leaves for women having children till 15 years, as well as for working people with disabilities; additional leaves to different categories of employees; annual organization of rest of employees’ children in summer recreation camps; provision of tickets for New Year events and New Year presents for children and grandchildren of employees.

In addition, OJSC "Polyus research institute of M.F.Stelmakh" offers its employees a year-round health resort treatment and rest, as well as it organizes collection of groups to visit the swimming pool (therapeutic swimming groups).

For young specialists there are additional benefits at the enterprise: monthly personal premium within three years after graduation from the educational institution; lump sum allowance to the young specialist, who for the first time entered the enterprise after graduation from the educational institution.

At the enterprise the Regulations on material incentive of young specialists of OJSC "Polyus research institute of M.F.Stelmakh" applies in order to enhance training of scientific and production shift and material interest of young people in work results.