Astrophysika National Laser Centre

About the company

"Astrophysika National Centre of Laser Systems and Complexes" OJSC—state scientific center of the Russian Federation—was established in 1969 with a purpose to carry out system-wide projects in the sphere of laser technology.

"Astrophysika National Laser Centre" OJSC performs research and development projects for the creation of systems, complexes, and devices based on optical and laser technology with unique characteristics and capabilities designed to strengthen the defense capacity and security of the country. The center also produces civil products.

The major spheres where "Astrophysika National Laser Centre" OJSC is active are:

  • various-purpose systems, complexes, and devices based on laser and optical technology;
  • various types of lasers;
  • components for lasers and laser-based systems and complexes;
  • Interaction of laser radiation and materials;
  • high-precision laser aiming systems;
  • adaptive optical systems;
  • high radiation strength optical elements;
  • laser and optical technologies, etc.