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Scientific Center in Tatarstan

Shvabe is building an optical-electronic engineering center near Kazan

In 2014, Shvabe Holding intends to commence the construction of an optical-electronic engineering center in the "Smart City" that is being created near Kazan. The project has been approved by the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Tatarstan authorities.

This project includes the creation of working conditions and accommodations for about five hundred families. The center will host high-tech licensed production lines and train technicians, workers and other specialists.

Several billion rubles are expected to be invested in this project by 2020. Part of the investment will be provided by Shvabe, the other part, by federal target programs. Agreements with a number of banks have been reached to attract financial resources.

Shvabe also intends to establish similar large engineering centers in Moscow and in the Urals.

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