Corporate life

Industry award were conferred to Shvabe employees

Employees of Novosibirsk Enterprise of Shvabe Holding were awarded in honor of 110th anniversary of Shvabe – Defense and Protection JSC were conferred the industry awards.

The deputy Director General for Manufacture Aleksandr Deysner and the head of the optical shop Anatoliy Piterskiy were conferred the honorary title “Honorary Machine Builder”.

The radioelectical device wireman Yevgeniy Neupokoev and the higher grade electrical fitter Vladimir Medvedev were awarded Diplomas of Merit and Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for their service.

Seven employees of Shvabe – Defense and Protection JSC were awarded with Letters of Appreciation of the Russian Presidential Envoy in the Siberian Federal District: chief engineer Igor Mankov, head of the assemblz complex for articles Sergey Stefanskiy, head of the Periodic Qualification and Ground Test Office Viktor Zhukov, Deputy Head of the Department for Social Supervision Roza Litikova, mechanical fitter Viktor Vlasenko, turner Aleksandr Dliganov, chemical water treatment plant operator Irina Kvita.

The awarded employees of Shvabe – Defense and Protection JSC have enormous professional experience. They have made great personal contribution to the development of the plant. Besides, the employees of the plant trained a few generations of highly-skilled young professionals.