Corporate life

Schwabe celebrated the Pancake Week in keeping with the best traditions!In keeping with the best traditions, Shvabe celebrated Maslenitsa!

In Yekaterinburg, the entire staff of the Yalamov Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant, a Shvabe Holding's enterprise, celebrated Maslenitsa. They marked the occasion with open air celebrations and they also broke a record! No less than 2400 pancakes were made for the employees!

Such an impressive quantity of pancakes were made by just four female employees of Shvabe - Catering who wore traditional Russian head-dresses (kokoshnik) and sarafans (a traditional Russian pinafore) to mark the occasion.

A mobile tent kitchen was erected on the Plant's land - outside where events requiring a lot of space are normally celebrated. It goes without saying that pancakes were not the only item on the menu: there were also sushki (sweet bread rings), buns, and hot tea. Most importantly there were traditional forms of entertainment such as tug of war, rope skipping, ball games, circle dancing, songs and other dancing.

In order to encourage the shyer participants professional entertainers were invited: travelling minstrels and even a bear in fancy dress. According to the organisers, who were working wholeheartedly to involve factory employees in a large Maslenitsa circle dance, there were around a 1000 people present. Overall the celebration was a success! So we saw off the winter and met the spring!