Corporate life

Shvabe celebrates the Defender of the Fatherland Day

In honour of February 23, the employees of the Yalamov Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant, a Shvabe Holding's enterprise, held a "Real Man" photo contest and sporting competitions among members of the stronger sex.

They have been accepting entries for the photo contest since the beginning of February. As a result, a whole gallery of photos was presented to the jury. They were photos of the lives of the men working at the plant, a kaleidoscope of their hobbies, indeed each participant wanted to show an unexpected side of himself.

The top three contestants included Andrey Koniayev, head of the laser processing section, with his "Go-Getter" photo, in which a young man shows off his fishing catch of three huge pikes. The next was Vitaliy Shilov, an adjustor of radio electronic equipment, with his photo "Flicking through an army demobilization album": in this photo, the factory employee is shown in the mountains wearing camouflage gear and with a weapon in his hands. And of course everybody was struck by the photo "The skillful chef". It was taken by Konstantin Fakullin, a logistics specialist for machining production, who prepared a luxuriant and at the same time elegant cake with multiple flourishes and rosettes; a feat beyond the capabilities of even many women!

The prize winners received vouchers for a trip to the cinema and the remaining participants were given memorable gifts.

In addition to the photo contest, sporting competitions were held in honour of Defender of the Fatherland Day. The competitions were held among the stronger half of factory staff at the Shvabe - Sport sports centre Representatives of the gentler sex came to support their colleagues and they divided themselves into teams representing the different service and production departments. The participants raced against one another, they had a 'grenade' throwing contest, put on the protective clothing used in the 'Gas' department, they completed an obstacle course, and sang marching songs. All of this was accompanied by music and topical images which livened up an already merry atmosphere.