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Shvabe held Spring Youth Talent Marathon

Shvabe Holding organized the Spring Youth Talent Marathon at Maloistoksky Orphanage functioning under its patronage.

In mid April, the Spring Youth Talent Marathon Festival was held at Maloistoksky Orphanage, supported by Yalamov Urals Optical & Mechanical Plant JSC, a Shvabe Holding enterprise. At the contest designed to reveal the creative potential in children, each child had a chance to compete for valuable prizes in one of six nominations: Vocal Performance, Dancing Performance, Theatrical Miniature, Playing Musical Instruments, Acrobatic Exercise, and Fiction Word.

“For several decades, we have been providing comprehensive support to Maloistoksky Orphanage. The Spring Youth Talent Marathon is a wonderful event: during the final concert, the children demonstrated many exciting performances,” said Victor Samoliov, Deputy General Director for Personnel Development and Organizational Matter, Shvabe JSC.

The following children were the winners of the first Spring Youth Talent Marathon Festival: Evgeniya Sokolova (Vocal Performance); Vladimir Volkhin and Lyudmila Troinina (Dancing Performance); junior group No. 4 – Danil Orlov, Maxim Shakiev, Ivan Ponomarev, Vladimir Volkhin and Danil Glukhov (Theatrical Miniature); Evgeny Rodygin (Playing Musical Instruments), group 3 Caucasus – Ylgiz Egenov, Dmitry Gorshkov, Maxim Kaskiv, Dmitry Talanov, Aziz Egenov, Danil Arkhipov, Georgy Talanov (Acrobatic Exercise); Ruslan Allayarov (Fiction Word). In addition to diplomas, all children were rewarded with special gift certificates that can be used to purchase valuable prizes.