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Shvabe - Defence and Protection held their own KVN anniversary games

In Novosibirsk, the Shvabe Holding enterprise, Shvabe - Defence and Protection, had its fifth KVN anniversary games. (KVN is a task-based team competition judged by a panel for humour and inventiveness shown). Four teams from different workshops and departments showed their wit on the stage of the Progress palace of culture.

The theme of these anniversary games was the well-known slogan: "The impossible is possible". The KVN game itself was played in three parts. There was the traditional welcome, then the "Cherchez la femme" video competition, and the last was the most complicated- "STEM with a star" (STEM is a student theatre stage skit). It was the first time "STEM with a star" had been performed, and the participants had to attract the most well-known people from the enterprise to participate in it.

The four teams were: "Sweet mood", "Puzzles", "Boomerang" and "Vinaigrette", and they performed to a storm of spectators' applause. The latter team surprised everyone the most, the participants themselves drew and made the soundtrack for a cartoon.

The jurors praised the sense of humour of the team "Puzzles" the highest (their team leader was the economist Natalya Isachenko). They are experienced 'KVNers', and active participants of games held in previous years. Second were the "Vinaigrette" team under the leadership of Valentina Tretyakova, a member of the galvanising workshop. Third and fourth places were taken by novices - the guys from "Sweet mood" (their leader was Alexei Morozov, an electronics engineer) and the "Boomerang" team (their leader was Alexei Trusov, a fitter of measuring and recording apparatus in the metrology department).

The spectators and jurors were put in a good mood and filled with energy from the games, and the teams are already preparing for next year, indeed the novices intend to get their own back.