30 august 2021 News

Holding Shvabe presented new models of medical transport

At the Forum InnoMed-2021, Holding Shvabe representatives announced the launch of new models of ambulance vehicles (AEMV) going into production at the Nizhny Novgorod plant. The market launch and promotion of new models will start this year.

The holding representatives discussed the development of this business area within the framework of the VII All-Russian medical industry and healthcare Forum, InnoMed - 2021, organized with the support of the Government of Penza Region.

In the framework of the visit of Oleg Melnichenko, acting governor of Penza Region and Vasily Shpak, Deputy Minister of Industry, GAZelle NEXT "Prima" class "A", "B" and "C" as well as the powerful LADA Largus "Prima" class "B" and LADA Largus Kub class "A" were presented. All vehicles have successfully performed road tests amidst confined courtyards and dense traffic of big cities.

"The basis of the model range consists of vehicles, which are also designed for off-road driving in rural areas. This responds to the mission pursued by our Holding - to provide residents, including those in remote areas, with affordable and high-quality healthcare," said Shvabe Deputy CEO Sergei Dmitrochenko.

GAZelle NEXT "PRIMA" and LADA Largus "PRIMA" feature improved ergonomics in this medical conversion, which is achieved due to a level floor, lots of head room and high vertical partitions. The solution allows for placing the necessary medical equipment and furnishings without compromising the position of the medical team workplace. Medical cabin conversion of GAZelle NEXT "PRIMA" consists of aluminum frame and composite sandwich panels, contributing to vehicle manufacturer claims of 15 years active operational lifetime. The cost of this medical transport is expected to be below market average. The car also boasts serious loading height and is equipped with a portable electric winch for comfortable work of the medical staff. The car has space prepared for transportation of one bed patient and team of three accompanying medical staff.

LADA Largus "PRIMA" cabin is equipped with metal-plastic furniture, displaying surface that is resistant to chemical substances and can be easily disinfected. The car body is not exposed to corrosion due to galvanized base of the receiving device. The vehicle is equipped for transportation of one bed patient and a paramedic team of three. Also available is the necessary equipment for providing emergency medical care via transit to the hospital.

LADA Largus Kub offers significant dimensions of the medical cabin - due to increased rear overhang, higher roof and doors. The vehicle provides transportation for three medical attendants and one bed patient.

A Shvabe-Moscow subsidiary will equip these service vehicles with medical equipment, including that localized into production by the companies of the Holding.