18 july 2018 News

Norwegian scientists got Shvabe optics

A large batch of Shvabe Holding diffraction gratings was received by a customer from Norway. Optical products shall be used in forestry, agriculture and geology.

The manufacturer of the export batch of 20 gratings is the State Institute of Applied Optics (GIPO), a  Shvabe Holding Company. Since the beginning of the year it is the fourth shipping to Norway. In total, 35 units were shipped to the country  in six months.

“Our optics are purchased in many countries of Europe and the CIS. In addition to Norway, they are:  Germany, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus. For over ten years we have been working with Ireland,  the recent batch of 30 diffraction gratings was shipped there at the beginning of the year. GIPO products are in demand abroad, and we want  to further expand and strengthen exports, ” said Villen Baloev, GIPO Director-General.

Norwegian researchers use GIPO diffraction gratings in spectral devices as beam splitters to produce two to five beams of approximately the same intensity, as well as dispersing elements. As part of the hyper spectral cameras, the devices, capturing spectral characteristics of each pixel in the image, help to determine the composition and the state of the subject.

The Holding company produces about 70% of all diffractive optics in Russia.