7 july 2021 News

Rostec and Art. Lebedev Studio join efforts in designing a traffic light system of the future

Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation and Art. Lebedev Studio will design a fundamentally new traffic light concept. The designers are going to replace the conventional three-light traffic signal with only one screen to display all the necessary information. It can also be used as an interactive road sign. The project was unveiled on the sidelines of the International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM-2021 held on July 5-8 in Yekaterinburg.

The cooperation agreement was signed by the representatives of the Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant named after E.S. Yalamov (UOMP) of Shvabe Holding and Art. Lebedev Studio. The presentation of the new traffic light concept was held at the joint stand of Rostec State Corporation.

It was decided not to use the conventional three-light traffic signal and to design the device with one screen in different form factors, which will display all the necessary information. The vertical form screen will be used for highways, and its smaller pedestrian version, as well as the square version will be intended for urban streets.

In addition to the conventional signals and symbols, the new traffic light displays animated content. The device will be able to indicate the traffic situation and permissible maneuvers in this or that section, and if necessary, transforms into an interactive road sign. The independent power supply and control unit enables connecting optional modules to the traffic light, thereby expanding its functionality. For instance, noise and CO2 content monitoring sensors and Wi-Fi transmitters can also be installed.

“This project delivers our vision of how traffic lights will change with the development of LED technology and traffic infrastructure over the next five years. Field testing and introduction of this solution will be feasible, provided that a number of amendments to the Russian National Standards (GOST) for road signs are made. Notwithstanding quite long planning horizon, we believe that our concept will be successful, reshape the industry and set new standards,” pointed out Sergey Dmitrochenko, Deputy General Director of Shvabe Holding.

The UOMP Industrial Design Center delivered the traffic light design principles and new arrangement of its components, and designed the device and the 3D model. Art. Lebedev Studio experts created the graphic content and visual communication system for the traffic light system.

“This project is an important step towards realizing our longtime dream,” stressed Artemy Lebedev, the founder of Art. Lebedev Studio.