23 july 2018 News

Rostec Holding company developed a thermometer with Bluetooth

As a part of the import substitution program, the developers of Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation have developed digital thermometers that can be synchronized with the smartphone. By installing the application, parents can receive data on the child's body temperature online.

Digital infrared thermometers for adults and children were developed at Orion Scientific and Production Association (NPO Orion), an enterprise of Shvabe Holding. Their sales in Russia will start in the 3rd quarter of the current year.

"Medicine is a new area for our company. The market for thermometers in Russia which is made up of imports by 93% gives us a wide range of opportunities for development. Our products of this segment have already received positive feedback from the medical community. In the near future, we intend to actively continue expanding the range of medical products," said Evgeny Chepurnov, Director General, NPO Orion.

The infrared thermometer OIDWT-1, created within the framework of ‘Thermoscan’ project’, measures the patient's body temperature in one second and is uncertain by 0.2oC only. The device then sends the information to the Smartphone via Bluetooth. Also, they developed two types of children thermometers with and without display, both of them work with the mobile application. One of the main advantages of the thermometer is its small size, which allows the child to sleep with the device without any discomfort. In the meantime, the parents, having set the lower and upper temperature limit in the application, will get a signal from the phone if the thresholds are exceeded.

NPO "Orion" (a part of Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation) first introduced thermometers at the 17th Medical Exhibition "Medima". The event has been held since 1998 with the support of the administration of the Krasnodar Region, the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Region and the administration of the city of Krasnodar. This year, about 180 Russian and foreign companies participated in the exhibition.