25 august 2021 News

Shvabe and OJSC SPC Uralvagonzavod agree on cooperation

Holding Shvabe and one of the largest machine-building complexes in Russia Uralvagonzavod have signed a cooperation agreement to transform the Concern's crane facilities and introduce energy-efficient technologies in environmental monitoring and safety.

The partnership was signed on the margins of the Army-2021 International Military and Technical Forum. Its main purpose is to develop and introduce innovative high-tech products, technologies, and digital services for modernization of the Concern's crane facilities and implementation of national development goals of the Russian Federation as part of the "Ecology" and "Safe City" projects.

The industrial cooperation provides for equipping the industrial enterprises with efficient modern equipment, highlighting the focus on increasing energy efficiency and improving working conditions.

The signatures under the document were applied by the director general of Holding Shvabe, member of the Bureau of the Union of Machine Engineers of Russia, Alexei Patrikeev and the head of the SPC Uralvagonzavod Alexander Potapov.

Software and hardware products, technologies and digital services will be developed and implemented for the Concern's load lifting equipment within the framework of the task of transforming the production base of the defense-industrial complex enterprises. Operation of the load-lifting equipment will be supplemented with smart functions (technical vision, diagnostics, monitoring, remote control of industrial safety, etc.) and multipurpose digital services.

"First of all, we are focused on solving the strategic tasks set by the country's leadership to modernize the production base of defense industry enterprises and increase the output of civilian and dual-use products, as well as implementing Rostec State Corporation's development strategy and, in this case, achieving the Russian Federation long-term development goals, including within the framework of national projects. This cooperation will strengthen the enterprises production base and contribute to the growth of its operating efficiency. For our part, we are ready to transfer to the project the experience and scientific and technical potential of our leading enterprises accumulated in the field of digitalization, as well as to develop new unique algorithms aimed at solving the partner's specific tasks. The first Shvabe company to be involved in this work will be the Stelmakh Research Institute Polyus, and other industrial and scientific sites of the Holding will join the project in the future," said Alexei Patrikeev.

"Uralvagonzavod and Holding Shvabe enjoy a proud history numbering long years of successful experience of cooperation in creating world's best armaments. The strategic task for defense industry diversification, set by the President of the Russian Federation in 2016, requires creating high-tech civilian purpose products. The previously accumulated experience of interaction provides excellent groundwork for mutually beneficial cooperation in civilian production as well, where Uralvagonzavod is successfully developing a number of areas, including smart power supply systems, environmental engineering and monitoring, and public security systems., I am confident that these developments will become significant for joint promotion of integrated solutions in the civilian product markets together with Holding Shvabe, " emphasized Alexander Potapov.

The first project that is already being tested at the UVZ's production base is the Intelligent Crane Operator Assistant. Its functionality is based on predictive neural network video analytics technologies. It ensures control over compliance with industrial safety regulations when working with load lifting equipment, provides monitoring of crane operator's condition and prevents potentially dangerous situations during equipment operation process.