10 december 2020 News

Shvabe brought its modern developments to conference in Brussels

The speaker from Shvabe Holding presented the modern medical devices and solutions for urban infrastructure modernisation at the Russian Innovation Night conference in Brussels. Among the participants of the event were Russian innovative companies.

Shvabe's presentation comprised of several topical blocks. The fist was devoted to the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and the Bright City maintenance projects, which are aimed at improving the road safety in megalopolises and increasing the street lighting energy efficiency of the urban space.

Another important focus area of the company showcased at the Brussels conference was digital healthcare. One of Shvabe's projects in this field is equipping mobile medical units. In addition, the Holding is currently working on the design and development of wearable digital devices for cardiovascular system diagnostics.

The coronavirus issue was also addressed. The Holding of Rostec joined the pandemic containment campaign in Russia in early March and since then, has mastered about a dozen new products, including several models of thermal imaging cameras.

“Our Holding has become more active in digital technologies in recent years, and is increasingly taking initiatives to upgrade old-style products for various applications. At present, Shvabe product range features a number of solutions that meet today's most urgent requirements - in medicine, urban environment, ecology and other industries. Participation in such an event is of great importance for us in terms of possible promotion of these ideas to foreign markets,” said Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy Director General of Shvabe.

The Russian Innovation Night online project is implemented via the platform of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Brussels and is intended for supporting Russian innovative and high-technology companies. Traditionally, the event features presentations of Russian companies, their most recent developments and products. Among the participants of the event are potential customers as well as representatives of business communities, industrial and commercial chambers and development institutions of Belgium and Luxembourg.