3 september 2021 News

Shvabe demonstrates Water Treatment and Purification Plant at the Building Expo

Shvabe Holding presented its three-stage water treatment and purification system for removal of all viruses at the Salon of Wooden House Construction in Moscow. The exhibition was held on the sidelines of the Russian Construction Week.

Among the participants of the Salon of Wooden House Construction was “POLYUS” Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh (“POLYUS” Research Institute), Shvabe Holding, which introduced its МО-140-05АМ water treatment system.

The system is designed for operation in detached buildings housing upwards of 14 persons in communal living. The purification capacity of the system is 3300 liters per day; it removes solids, colloids, iron, manganese, copper, sulfur, phosphorus compounds, organic matter, dissolved salts, including hardness salts, and disinfects water from bacteria and viruses. Its compact dimensions of 800х600х1900 mm and low weight not exceeding 70 kg allow installation in relatively small spaces.

The plant uses reverse osmosis technology which is based on water passing under pressure through a semi-​permeable membrane and separating into pure and waste water. The system allows removing up to 98% salts and contaminants.

“The Salon was attended by the largest manufacturers of detached houses, component industry suppliers and design and architectural agencies. Participating in such an exhibition, gives us an opportunity to provide insights into the benefits of water treatment and purification plant by “POLYUS” Research Institute to the industry-specific and, therefore, target audience,” said Evgeny Kuznetsov, Director General of “POLYUS” Research Institute.

The Salon of Wooden House Construction was held on 9-12 March at the Expo Centre Fairgrounds, Moscow.