18 june 2021 News

Shvabe introduced its new Metal Detector Gate with Thermal Imaging Camera

Shvabe presented its new unit for security screening and temperature scanning of large groups of people at the XIII Integrated Safety & Security Expo.

Metal Detector Gate is a new project by the Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory (LZOS), a company of Shvabe Holding, and the BLOCKPOST Company. It is a classic screening gate with the gateway split into 18 zones. Compared to one-zone screening gate, this model ensures more efficient metal detection and location of the objects on the human body.

This new system is equipped with a thermometer and is capable of its automatic adjustment depending on the distance. The data obtained is displayed on the built-in display. When reaching the threshold values, the audible and light alarm signals trigger, and the events are recorded in the format of an image, directly written to a disk or saved to FTP server.

“Combining the metal detector and thermal imaging capability in one device is a functional solution that facilitates screening and requires no auxiliary equipment, for example, electronic thermometers. Owing to the built-in thermal imaging system with the throughput rate of 120 persons per minute, the visitors need not stop for screening in the gateway,” said Sergey Dmitrochenko, Deputy General Director of Shvabe.

This development may find use at railway stations, airports, shopping centers, educational and government facilities, other venues with high foot traffic flow rates.