8 december 2020 News

Shvabe introduces its anti-coronavirus equipment

Shvabe Holding presented its coronavirus containment integrated solutions for different facilities. The presentation was made on the online discussion platform of the international specialized exhibition and forum “Safety and labor protection-2020” (BIOT-2020).

Shvabe solutions were discussed by the participants of the panel session “Labor protection-2021 against the pandemic”. The report by Shvabe Holding described the finished products launched by the optoelectronic industry to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. This equipment was developed in Russia and abroad based on Shvabe technical specifications and can be used for temperature screening at entrances, diagnostics and emergency resuscitation on-site. Shvabe is a partner of the event for COVID-19 prevention.

In fulfillment of the President's instruction and Government Order No.708-r of March 21, 2020, the Holding mastered the production and supplies of thermal imaging cameras, infrared thermometers and air disinfection units to federal executive authorities. In addition, Shvabe markets the sanitizer dispenser stands and other essential products.

“The devices by our Holding are installed at the enterprises, in high foot traffic locations and social facilities in order to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus infection. These are three groups of devices that are essential to stop the spread of the virus in a challenging epidemiological situation: thermal imaging cameras, infrared thermometers and air disinfection units. These devices are also installed at all our facilities and at the central office. Since the first pandemic wave in Russia, we have received and processed over 5,000 purchase orders for our products. We continue working at an intense pace,” noted Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy Director General of Shvabe.

The Holding also supplies the “smart” IR236 infrared temperature measurement systems featuring advanced AI functions for temperature screening at the entrance to enterprises and public locations; it is manufactured by Krasnogorsky Zavod n.a. Zverev S. A., a Shvabe Holding company. The Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory supplied another thermal imaging camera capable of facial recognition and detection of persons with elevated body temperature. The technique was also developed at Lytkarino. Both devices scan people present in the area under their observation for elevated body temperatures. If the temperatures exceed a threshold value, alarm is triggered.

Shvabe's equipment and devices for on-site diagnostics and emergency resuscitation include the hand-held infrared thermometers, a portable ECG telemedicine complex, a mobile electrocardiograph, as well as “virtual clinic” health diagnostic and personnel screening complexes, a cardiac chair, and the AND A15 automated external defibrillator with voice prompts.