13 march 2018 News

Shvabe joined the Russian-Chinese collaboration on industrial lasers

A world class center for laser and optical technologies shall be created on the site of Shvabe Holding technology park. A corresponding agreement was signed by the representatives of the optical industry of Russia, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and laser associations of both countries.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Eugeny Kuznetsov, Director General of Polyus Research Institute (a part of Shvabe Holding), - and Zhu Xiao, Director of the National Engineering Center for Laser Processing of Materials of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The document is aimed at the development of basic laser technologies, and creation of industrial equipment and products on the basis of such technologies. The work will be implemented under active support of Russian Laser Association (LAS) and the Laser Association of the Optical Valley of Wuhan on the basis of the International Center for Laser and Optical Technologies, which is planned to be built on the territory of Polyus Research Institute, having the status of technology park managing company.

"We expect that this Russian-Chinese partnership will significantly enhance the capabilities of both countries in creating high-tech laser technology, and will also be a good impetus for domestic photonics to break new ground. Within the framework of joint production unit, a complete scientific and technological reserve for industrial lasers will be formed. Today this industry is rapidly developing and starving of innovations. Within the framework of cooperation it is planned to focus attention on disk lasers, which are now mainly in demand in heavy engineering, automotive and aerospace sectors." (Sergey Popov, First Deputy General Director, Shvabe).

The participants to the agreement intend to give much attention to exchange of experience, scientific and practical activities and quality control of the products related to photonics and laser technologies.