23 july 2018 News

Shvabe optics will help the ecology of Finland


Shvabe Holding supplied a batch of hologram gratings to the customer from Dublin. They are going to use Russian optics not in Ireland, but at industrial sites in Finland, for the environmental purposes.

A large batch of 30 diffraction gratings was produced at State Institute of Applied Optics (GIPO), an enterprise of Shvabe Holding. The purpose of procurement is research in the field of ecology.

It is a second delivery to the customers from Ireland since the beginning of 2018. The first batch, also consisting of 30 units of production, was delivered in March. It should be noted that the cooperation between Shvabe and the company from Dublin lasts for 11 years, during this period more than 1,560 hologram grids have been delivered. Irish specialists are actively using Russian optics in high resolution hyperspectral cameras to assess air quality.

"The cameras capture the spectral characteristics of each pixel in the image and allow to determine the composition and state of the object. Our products differ from the analogues for their high performance characteristics and are the best option for the customer in terms of price-quality ratio. Therefore, for more than ten years, our partners from Dublin are giving preference to us, "said Villen Baloev, GIPO Director General.

GIPO produces such gratings since 1984. 70% of all diffraction optics in Russia are produced on the site of Shvabe Holding. In addition to Ireland, the products are supplied to Germany, Norway, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and other countries of the world.