9 february 2018 News

Shvabe presented medical technology for infants under the brand of ‘Made in Russia’ in Dubai


Shvabe Holding demonstrated the equipment for resuscitation and newborn intensive care at the 43rd International Exhibition and Congress on Medicine and Pharmaceuticals ‘ARAB HEALTH 2018’. The event was held from January 29 to February 1 in Dubai.

Medical equipment produced by Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (UOMZ), a Shvabe Holding enterprise, was presented as a part of the combined exposition of the Russian Export Center (REC) under ‘Made in Russia’ national export brand. During the exhibition Shvabe stand was visited by the representatives of more than 80 companies from different countries, international industry experts and other distinguished guests, including delegations from Switzerland, India and Pakistan. The representatives of the UAE showed a special interest in Russian resuscitation equipment, which is in high demand in that country today.

"Participation in ARAB HEALTH provides an opportunity to demonstrate the most promising developments of the Holding in the field of medicine, as well as to lay the basis for a new long-term partnership. We are pleased that the interest in our equipment is steadily growing. The technologies developed by the Shvabe engineers successfully compete with foreign analogues both in the domestic and foreign markets. This year exhibition was very fruitful: we had a number of important meetings with potential and active partners, well known to us due to long-term cooperation. As a result of more than 25 meetings we signed agreements on registration of new products abroad and on other areas of cooperation." (Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy General Director, Shvabe).

As part of ARAB HEALTH 2018, the Holding demonstrated high-tech neonatal equipment and equipment for anesthesia and resuscitation. The foreign partners paid special attention to two Shvabe developments: an innovative multifunctional complex for inhalation anesthesia MAIA-01, the only one among the domestic analogues, combining the functions of artificial ventilation, anesthesia and complex monitoring of the respiratory mixture, as well as ‘Radiant heat – BONO’, a neonatal heater. This equipment now operates in almost every obstetric institution in Russia, including 15 new prenatal centers in the Russian Federation, as well as in the medical centers of the CIS countries, West and East Africa and dozens of other regions of the world.

The Holding also demonstrated other newborn care equipment under ‘Made in Russia’ brand name: ‘BiliFlex’ - the first fiberoptic system for phototherapy, IDN-03 intensive care incubator, OFN-03 phototherapeutic irradiator, APDN-01 – a respiration support device. As the key products developed in the Russian Federation, Shvabe demonstrated ‘Cardiometer-MT’ - a telemedicine complex for automated evaluation of the functional state of cardiovascular system and AND-A15 - an automated external defibrillator with voice prompt function.

Production of high-tech medical equipment is one of the key areas of activity of the Holding in the civilian segment. The range of Shvabe equipment includes more than 200 products made from Russian components. Along with neonatal and anesthetic equipment, optical industry enterprises produce ophthalmological, gynecological, laboratory and other equipment. The products are exported to dozens of countries around the world.

ARAB HEALTH is the leading annual exposition in the Middle East in the field of medicine and health care. Shvabe Holding participates in the event for the fifth time.