11 july 2018 News

Shvabe purifies water for INNOPROM visitors

Shvabe Holding presents its water treatment plant in action at the international industrial exhibition. Today, the water treatment technology used in the device is considered the most advanced one.

The water treatment plant was developed at the Polyus Research Institute, a Moscow-based Shvabe enterprise. The visitors of INNOPROM-2018 can personally evaluate its performance. For this purpose, water filtration is performed right at the stand of the Holding.

Purification is based on a multi-stage technology, starting from oxidation of impurities in a multi-phase catalytic injection fluidized bed reactor and ending with reverse osmosis. After passing through the plant, the quality of water is close to that of rainwater or water produced from very clean natural water bodies. Today it is one of the most advanced filtration technologies.

“Last year, we presented the younger model from the range of water treatment plants at the exhibition in Dubai. The attention of foreign delegates to our technology was of a welcome surprise. Many of them expressed a desire to buy the unit directly from the stand. It showed us that the whole range of devices is of a high export potential, and we want INNOPROM guests to be convinced of this too. What is the best way to do so? Just let them see the plant in operation,” said Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy Director General, Shvabe.

There are two tanks at the Holding show-room, one of which contains untreated water while the other one contains water that has been filtered. The plant separates water from suspensions, colloids, compounds of iron, manganese, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, organic substances (including oil products) and from dissolved salts, including hardness salts. It also disinfects the liquid from bacteria and viruses, carries out radiological decontamination.

The range of models developed at Polyus Research Institute includes 13 water treatment systems. Depending on the modification, they purify from 80 to 50 thous. liters of water per hour. Some of them are protected with the anti-vandal case and operate in temperature ranges from –50 to + 50° С.

At the INNOPROM exhibition, which is taking place these days in Yekaterinburg, Shvabe has signed a memorandum on establishment of a consortium for development of digital and promising water treatment technologies. The members of the association are: the government of the Kurgan Region, Polyus Research Institute of Shvabe Holding and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The project will be managed by the ‘Digital Water Utility Company’.