20 july 2021 News

Shvabe showcases its aviation solutions at MAKS-2021

Dozens of Shvabe developments are on display at the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS) in Zhukovsky, held July 20-25. Among other new products, Shvabe also introduced new baggage screening system for airports.

The following Shvabe Holding companies are exhibiting at MAKS-2021: Krasnogorsky Zavod n.a. Zverev S. A. (the famed KMZ “ZENIT”), Scientific Production Association State Institute of Applied Optics (JSC “NPO GIPO), Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant named after Mr. E. S. Yalamov, “POLYUS” Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh, Moscow plant “SAPPHIR”, Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory, “Shvabe-Moscow” and “Central Design Bureau ‘FOTON”.

The aviation show saw a first presentation of the Safir-IR6550 Introscope for non-contact screening and detection of prohibited baggage articles, manufactured locally by the Moscow “SAPPHIR” plant. The system is capable of scanning shipments of up to 160 kg in one operation. It features high resolution and automatic alerts generated when high-density material is detected.

“At the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon, we are showcasing not only our time-tested and commercially successful developments, but also a relevant security solution, designed, among other things, for airports,” said Vadim Kalyugin, Shvabe’s First Deputy General Director and Director for Production and Industrial Policy. “The Saphir-IR6550 prototype has already been piloted, and Moscow “SAPPHIR” plant had obtained the license for operating the sources of ionizing radiation issued by Rospotrebnadzor".

Among other products exhibited at Salon are the container design prototype of the SOLT-25 system, intended for the round-the-clock ground, surface and air target search and detection, and a mock-up of the Aurora system designed for monitoring the Earth surface from small spacecraft. This unit generates optical images of the objects under observation on the photosensitive surface of the optoelectronic converters and is intended for cartography, digital mapping and monitoring in hydrology, agriculture, forestry and fishery applications.

The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 is held July 20-25 at Moscow’s Zhukovsky airfield.