17 may 2021 News

Shvabe successfully tested new Prismatic Scopes

The Novosibirsk sights manufacturer, a Shvabe Holding company, is going to introduce two new scopes designed for semi-automatic carbines for hunters and amateur target shooting.

PP1 and PP3, the single-power and three-power scopes respectively, are developed by the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant (NPZ), a Shvabe Holding company. These novelties are intended for shooting using rifle-bore (up to 9.3 mm) and smooth-bore (12 cal.) rifles in daylight and twilight.

These models feature the following advantages: two-color illumination of the sighting mark, and the day/twilight/night modes. The scopes are modularized: two types of mounts are available - side mount on the dovetail mounting plate or the Picatinny rail. In addition, a number of the interchangeable and substitutable brackets are developed that can be selected to fit a wide variety of mounts.

"The scopes have no direct equivalents in terms of optical arrangement. At the same time they surpass all the competitors by the combination of such characteristics as field of view width, eye relief, light transmission and dimensions. These are modern prismatic scopes, which are designed for semi-automatic carbines with a side bar," said Anton Klokov, Acting Director General of NPZ.

For the moment, the test fires of the PP1 and PP3 scopes have been successfully completed. Preparation for production will have been finished by May, and then the products will be introduced to the Russian arms market. The scopes are expected to be among the most affordable in the market, offering great value for money.