3 march 2020 News

Shvabe Takes Part In the Trade Fair Photokina 2018 in Germany

Shvabe has brought its camera lenses, reflex, digital and rangefinder cameras, and a new stereoscopic microscope to the world’s largest trade fair for photographic equipment. The first Russian-German camera under the legendary ZENIT brand has become the centerpiece of the exhibition.

At Photokina 2018 fair in Cologne, Shvabe Holding is represented by its companies - Krasnogorsky Zavod n.a. Zverev S. A.(the KMZ plant) and Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant.

Presentation of the ZENIT М rangefinder digital camera jointly produced by the KMZ plant and Leica Camera AG, will be the key event of the exposition. The KMZ plant is kitted with a unique Zenitar 35 mm f/1.0 lens, which is currently unrivaled throughout the world. The KMZ plant will also introduce a wide range of Zenitar and Helios lenses, including camera optics for the new ZENIT camera.

“Os course, unveiling of a new Russian-German ZENIT М camera is a major part of Shvabe’s exposition, but we also showcase quite a number of other new products for photography industry. Among the companies of our Holding, there are some industry-leading optics manufacturers, and they always have something to demonstrate. Photokina is the premier event for amateur photographers and industry experts, we, being the representatives of this expert community, could not have missed it,” said Alexey Patrikeev, Director General of Shvabe. 

Section of Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant was centered around the new MBS-17 stereoscopic microscope designed for studying dimensional , thin-filmed and transparent objects, and a manual focus reflex lens MS Rubinar 10/1000 Macro. This lens is intended for close-up landscape photography, architectural elements, sporting contests, and wildlife photography. It can also be used for astrophotography, for example, this lens is capable of taking quality images of lunar surface, stars and planets of the Solar System.

In Cologne, Shvabe exhibited also fibre-optic devices, deflectors, opera glasses and discrete binoculars 2.5х5, other MBS stereoscopic microscopes, and three-element apochromatic lenses.

Photokina is the world’s largest trade fair for photography industry. It is held every two years in Cologne.