9 april 2021 News

Shvabe will supply a batch of scopes to Italy

The export contract will be executed as part of cooperation between Shvabe and Aurora International srl. The products will be supplied by the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant, a company of Shvabe Holding.

A distributor of Russian optics in Italy will be supplied with fixed power scopes and new models featuring variable power and enhanced light transmission, previously well-received in the EU market. These products are manufactured by the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant (NPZ), a Shvabe Holding enterprise.

“Aurora International is one of our key export partners since it covers most of the EU market in the sector of our specialization. The planned volume of supplies under contract for 2021 is double of that shipped in 2020, which is indicative of our partnership development and contributes to building market strength of our company in the EU,” noted Vasiliy Rassokhin, Director General of NPZ.

The supply will include the PO4х24, PO6х36, PO3-9х24 and PU3.5х22 scopes and the novelty variable power models PO104, PO156, PO315U and PO420U. Last year's sales show that the PO4х24 scope saw the highest demand in Russia. It became the best-selling model in Siberia and Russia's Far East, popular with professional shooters, hunters and airsoft sportsmen.

The plant begun producing PO104 and PO156 scopes for the Italian market in November. These scopes feature wide field of view, six levels of light intensity of the scope illumination, and dioptric adjustment. The new scopes perfectly fit the gun and in over the shoulder position do not interfere with shooter’s ammunition.

The Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant produces night and day vision sights with different types of mounts both for hunters and sportsmen. Today, the NPZ optics are in high demand both in Russia and European countries. Italy occupies a central position on the export map of the plant.