8 august 2018 News

Slovak researchers use Shvabe optics to create lasers

Shvabe exported to Slovakia a large lot of diffraction gratings. The Russian optics is used for development of lasers.

The consignment consists of 20 gratings produced by State Institute of Applied Optics (GIPO), a Shvabe Holding enterprise. It is the second delivery to the customer, the first 10 items were sent in 2017.

Diffraction gratings will be used in development of carbon dioxide lasers, that  are used as a part of instruments for scientific and applied research: to measure the concentration of harmful substances in the air, search for sources of air pollution, and can also be used at chemically hazardous production facilities and in medicine.

“We have been exporting diffraction optics to Slovakia since 2010, it is our stable export market. In general, we, at GIPO, are constantly developing and strengthening our export positions; in six months of the current  year  more grids were supplied abroad than during the last year in the aggregate. This showing is going to grow: we expect to send about 130 units of products to European countries by the end of the year,” said Villen Baloev,  GIPO Director-General.

GIPO produces up to 70% of diffraction optics in Russia. The export map of the company is made of the countries of Europe and the CIS, including Ireland, Germany, Norway, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and other countries of the world. For the first six months of 2018, they exported 298 diffraction gratings, while only 272 gratings were exported in 2017 in aggregate