23 july 2018 News

Southeast Asia countries purchased Shvabe neonatal equipment

Incubators, irradiators and heaters for newborns are sent to Malaysia and Indonesia. Equipment by Shvabe Holding will be used in medical institutions for nursing weakened babies.

Shvabe delivered a full line of neonatal equipment: intensive care incubators, neonatal tables, phototherapeutic irradiators and heaters to equip private clinics of Kuala Lumpur and a number of Indonesian cities. The equipment will provide for the whole range of procedures for nursing newborns, including the ones having an extremely low birth weight. By the end of the summer, Indonesia will get at least 50 units of equipment from the exclusive distributor of Shvabe Holding in Southeast Asia.

"According to the World Health Organization, every year more than 15 million children in the world are given a birth before the term. Indonesia takes the leading position among the top ten countries with the largest number of premature births. Since 2011 Shvabe Holding delivers neonatal equipment to the country almost every month. The largest ever delivery was held last year: Shvabe exported 130 units at once”, said Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy General Director, Shvabe

South-East Asia is one of the five leading export markets, the most attractive for Shvabe with its high-tech products. Along with Indonesia and Malaysia, equipment of the Holding is supplied to the Philippines, Bangladesh and 50 other countries.

Shvabe neonatal equipment is being manufactured at the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant since 1990. Since then doctors in more than 700 health care institutions in Russia managed to save more than 3.5 million babies born before the term with the help of this equipment. Over the past few years 15 new perinatal centres, built by Rostec State Corporation under the federal program, as well as dozens of other obstetrical institutions of the Russian Federation were equipped with ‘smart’ medical equipment