22 july 2021 News

UAC and Shvabe cooperate in Checkmate light tactical fighter project

Shvabe Holding and the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Rostec State Corporation signed an engineering and procurement agreement for the KOEPS-75 optronic sighting system for equipping Russia's new light tactical fighter Checkmate showcased at MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon.

The Checkmate jet fighter will be equipped with the KOEPS-75 optronic sighting system designed by the Shvabe Holding at the Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant named after E.S. Yalamov (UOMZ). According to customer requirements, the basic configuration of the system can be supplemented by landing and defense stations.

The agreement was signed by Alexei Patrikeev, Director General of Shvabe, and Yury Slyusar, CEO of UAC, on the sidelines of the MAKS-2021 Business agenda.

“The key to the successful fulfillment of our task to fit the Russia's new fighter jet with optoelectronic devices is the quality, economy and performance time. Shvabe Holding possesses all the necessary competencies to solve this task. We would like to express our gratitude to our UAC colleagues for their trust and for their choice of our Holding as a contractor,” stressed Alexey Patrikeev.

“Checkmate is an advanced aerial combat system of the future featuring great flexibility, low operating cost and great combat potential. We are committed to improving the performance of the jet bringing Shvabe and other co-partners potential and experience, while designing and constructing the systems of the new jet within short timeframes and at a specified product cost,” noted Yury Slyusar, CEO of UAC.