12 july 2021 News

Visitors and participants of INNOPROM-2021 highly acclaimed Shvabe high-tech novelties

Shvabe demonstrated the operation of its novelty biological threat detection system, presented its new unit for concentrating medical-grade oxygen from the ambient air and introduced the project of the traffic light of the future, jointly implemented with Art. Lebedev Studio, at the 11th International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM-2021 in Yekaterinburg. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation familiarized themselves with medical developments of Shvabe Holding.

Medical, transport and industrial safety solutions were brought to INNOPROM-2021 by the following Shvabe Holding companies: Krasnogorsky Zavod n.a. Zverev S. A. (KMZ “ZENIT”), “POLYUS” Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh, Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant named after Mr. E. S. Yalamov, Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory, and “Shvabe-Moscow”.

“This year we are presenting a wide range of products, not limited to healthcare and anti-COVID-19 developments. We have brought here our most innovative and ambitious design concepts of the new traffic light system, which can alter the vision of this seemingly familiar urban object; and another novelty for INNOPROM - a biosafety solution. Shvabe stand also features multimedia content on the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), another major Russian project aimed at improving metropolitan traffic and road safety,” said Sergey Dmitrochenko, Deputy General Director of Shvabe.

Visitors of the exhibition were the first to see the “Gamma Segment” biological and environmental threat detection system in operation. The system detects airborne explosives, dangerous chemical compounds, toxins and pathogens of infectious diseases. Other products, never before exhibited, include the SKO-16 oxygen concentrator, extracting oxygen from ambient air, sterilising it and delivering as a pure airflow, as well as the AIVL-01 ventilator, Russia's first artificial lung ventilation unit fitted with the electrical impedance tomography system. Given the unfading urgency of the pandemic, Shvabe also brought to the exhibition its developments designed to fight the spread of the coronavirus infection - a new metal detector gate equipped with thermal imaging camera featuring the screening rate of 120 people per minute and the TTR-1 thermal scanner.

Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Sergey Nosov, the Governor of the Magadan region, and Alexander Tryanov, the Minister of Industrial Policy of the Republic of Crimea, viewed the healthcare and other developments of the Holding. Among the new solutions introduced to the top government officials were the ALKhK-01-Zenit automated laser surgical system for removal of tumors and treatment of various gynecological diseases and the AND A15 automated external defibrillator, both used to equip the B-class ambulance prototype.

One of the keynote events of Shvabe exhibition program was the new concept presentation of a single-aspect traffic light, which has been jointly developed by the specialists of the UOMZ Industrial Design Center and Art. Lebedev Studio. The designers decided to step outside the conventional three-light traffic signal and to design a one screen device - vertical screen for highways, its smaller version for pedestrian traffic control and square version for urban streets. In addition to the conventional signals and symbols, the new traffic light displays animated content, shows the details of the traffic situation and permissible maneuvers in a particular section of the road surface.

The presentation was delivered within the framework of the discussion session “Health, comfort, safety: up to date concept of smart city products”. The event was organised by the UOMP, the Sverdlovsk branch of the Russian Union of Designers and the Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Traditionally, the Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry acts as a platform for dialogue between business, authorities and regulatory bodies. The realities of modern life, such as the pandemic along with the necessity of holding interregional and international events for large cities development, impose new normality. That is why the discussion session at INNOPROM was jointly arranged with the expert engineers who are developing real high-tech products and concepts that should already be integrated into the smart city infrastructure today”, stressed Daniil Mazurovsky, Vice President of the Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The highlights of the 11th INNOPROM included “Flexible Manufacturing”. The business program of the trade fair featured more than 150 events and hosted over 500 speakers and experts from 20 countries.