Rostec created a device for destruction of tumors

Shvabe developed a device for destruction of tumors.

According to the materials of "RBC Innovations", 19.08.2014

Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation presented a design of a device for radiofrequency destruction of tumors. "Metatom" device will allow to remove tumors without complicated operations, pain and hospitalization.

Optoelectronic Holding Shvabe of Rostec State Corporation presented a design of a device for radiofrequency destruction of tumors at the III International Forum "Technologies in Engineering Industry-2014". The device is being developed by "Technosvet" together with Zagorski Optical and Mechanical Plant, which are members of Shvabe Holding. Start of production of the new Russian device is scheduled for 2015.

CEO of "Technosvet" Valery Makarov informed RBC Innovations that the new device is being created under state contract in collaboration with Zagorski Plant. "According to the terms of the contract, developed documentation shall be sent to the company that is able to organize serial production of the complex - to Zagorski Plant,” said Valery Makarov. “Metatom-2” was presented at the exhibition.

“Metatom-2” developed by "Technosvet" specialists has been used in Russian clinics since 2006. With its help it is possible to remove a tumor with the size of 5-6 cm in 15 minutes. There is no need for hospitalization of a patient - the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. A new version of "Metatom" will have enhanced functionality and improved performance, in fact it will be a new device.

The process which is used by "Metatom -2" to remove tumor tissues is called radiofrequency ablation of tumors. This is the newest less-traumatic method of treatment: a thin (about 2 mm) needle is introduced in the area of the tumor. Inside the needle there are electrodes. Once the needle gets in the tumor, the electrodes are relieved and with the help of radio-frequency current they heat the surrounding tumor tissues to a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius. Thus, it is possible to remove tumors in kidneys, lungs, liver, and also to deal with multiple metastases, which are impossible to remove by conventional surgery. Radiofrequency ablation procedure does not last long and is painless.

Valery Makarov told RBC Innovations that the new device allows to use just four electrodes instead of two, as in "Metatom-2”. In addition, there are new modes of control, increased generator capacity, added ability of bloodless liver resection. Currently, the device is under preclinical tests. "Technosvet" hopes that the small-scale production will begin next year.

"Metatom" complex can be used for minimally invasive surgical interventions in oncology, dermatology, gynecology, urology, veterinary and other fields of medicine. The device can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other methods for treating oncological diseases.

Developers mentioned that the new version of "Metatom" would be in demand in domestic medicine. Due to its functionality, performance and lower cost the new device will be able to replace imported equipment.

"In total, inpatient cancer care can be obtained at 295 health institutions in Russia, in this case oncological centre shall be equipped with at least five complexes for destruction of tumors. It turns out that the capacity of the Russian market comprises about 700 "Metatom" complexes,” CEO of "Technosvet" company recognized the perspective of the new development. The average price of imported counterparts - 1.5 million rubles, our complex will cost about 800 thousand rubles, and the price of supplies will be twice as low."

Mikhail Levkevich

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