Rostec joined the consortium on healthcare digitization in Russia

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Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation became one of seven members of ‘Digital Healthcare’ National Consortium, which began its work on February 16, 2018. The task of the consortium is to develop and implement digital technologies in healthcare.

The Digital Healthcare consortium is formed by: the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia, ‘Rusatom Healthcare’, the Almazov National Medical Research Centre, MSU, ITMO University and ElTech SPb engineering center. The Memorandum was signed in the presence of Valentina Matvienko, Federation Council Chairperson in the Almazov National Medical Research Centre.

The main task of the consortium will be to unite efforts for the introduction of advanced digital technologies in health care, to ensure the growth of global competitive advantage of Russian companies, to create products and services to provide a competitive offer in the digital healthcare

"Today, high technology is a driving element of development. Russia has made a significant step forward in this direction in the last few years: we are replacing imports not only in the form of components of the final product, but we are almost completely independent in development and production of its technological stuffing, i.e. IT solutions, many of which are unique. Their implementation in the healthcare sector is especially important now, because these innovations significantly change the medical care practice." (Sergey Kalugin, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation).

An important vector in development of partnership will be development of innovative solutions that can form the basis of the scientific and technological breakthrough of the country in health care digitization, their transfer to the practical field in the form of products, services and projects.

"More and more often Russian doctors include in their practice ‘smart’ technology and the latest information technologies that inure to the benefit of people: they help to carry out monitoring from anywhere in the country, organize distant advising, make a diagnosis and even identify diseases at the cellular level long before the onset of symptoms. Within the framework of the consortium work, the holding is ready to apply the accumulated experience in development and implementation of complex solutions in telemedicine, as well as to apply available resources to increase digitization level of public health in Russia." (Ivan Ozhgikhin, Deputy General Director, Shvabe).

Along with creation of high-tech products and solutions, the parties intend to work out the appropriate measures of state support and regulation in the field of their implementation.

According to the terms of the document, the Ministry of Communications of Russia synchronizes the work of the consortium with the activities of the management bodies of ‘Digital Economy’ federal program. The Office will also provide for domestic and international cooperation on issues of standardization in technological and organizational processes.

Shvabe Holding was among the first ones to join digitization of public health services in Russia. Today, the developers of the optical industry create high-tech medical equipment aimed at increasing efficiency and accessibility of domestic medicine, actively participating in implementation of federal healthcare development programs. Shvabe medical equipment works in more than 700 hospitals and polyclinics in Russia, almost in every maternity hospital, including perinatal centers built by Rostec under the Ministry of Health program in several regions of the country.

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