Rostec Technology Increases Reliability of Constructions in the Arctic


Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation has developed and patented technology allowing to erect buildings and structures on unstable foundations, including the ice. The new technology significantly increases operational reliability of such structures and is proposed to be used, primarily in the Arctic region.

The technology is based on a device that allows aligning and changing the position of the construction depending on changes in the ground surface. In the course of construction, it is attached to piles and helps to move the structure vertically and horizontally against the foundation. This approach makes it possible to avoid deformation of structures and their further destruction in case of ice or snow shifts.

The technology can be used in construction of buildings on almost any unstable basis, not only on ice and snow, but on sandy soil as well. The authors of the idea are the experts from ‘Polyus’ Research Institute, which is a part of Shvabe Holding.

"Unlike the existing analogues in the world, our development allows not only to imbed or lift piles, but also to carry out their longitudinal movement, if necessary. Such an enhancement of the construction functionality will significantly improve the operational reliability of buildings and structures erected in the Arctic on an unstable basis in permafrost conditions and under the possible impact of man-made factors." (Evgeny Kuznetsov, Director General, Polyus Research Institute).

The work on the topics related to the Arctic is one of the priority areas of Rostec scientific activity. In 2013 Shvabe researchers were awarded a gold medal of the Invention Geneva International Exhibition for creation of a marine laser complex for ice cover cutting. In 2015, the team of the specialists of the holding was also awarded an international award for an innovative technology for production of arctic jamming laser systems and complexes for powerful LED spotlights of civil purpose.

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