Rostec will protect motorists from low-quality fuel


Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation has developed and patented an innovative quality controlling technology for gasoline, fuel and lubricants. Within a few seconds the invention allows to determine the compliance of fuel quality with the requirements of National standard (GOST) and other accepted standards.

The technology is based on the analysis of optical refraction indices and chromaticity: the quality of the object is determined by deviation of these indicators from the standard values. The analysis of the product with this technology takes no more than two seconds. As they mentioned at Shvabe Technological Laboratory, this method has no analogues in Russia.

The new development will become an alternative to expensive complex of today, which consists of a colorimeter and three refractometers. The invention, patented by Rostec, replaces these devices, speeding up the analysis, thereby reducing the testing time. Moreover, the cost of the equipment of Shvabe development is approximately two times lower.

Another advantage is that the users of the device do not need special skills, and the device can be used directly in production process and when the product is delivered to the filling station. The developers believe, that introduction of the technology shall result in improvement in quality of fuel and prevention of low-quality petroleum products on the market.

Shvabe Technological Laboratory is one of the leading Russian developers of modern analytical instruments for the national economy. Among the latest developments of the laboratory are IRF-479A and B portable spectrorefractometers for determining the performance characteristics of motor fuels.

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