Sergey Maksin: Shvabe Holding has demonstrated its innovative potential

Immediately after Dmitriy Medvedev has familiarized himself with the Shvabe exposition at Innopom-2015, Sergey Maksin, general director of the Holding company being the leader in the optical electronic instrument-making industry answered to TASS questions

According to TASS materials

Sergey Valeryevich, what are the company's plans for modernization of production? Did you have to correct your investment programs due to a difficult economic situation in the world?

- We do not correct the Holding's production program and development program. Vice versa, we try to maximally increase the volumes. According to 2014 results, the growth of our industrial production is on average equal to 18% and 10% for the first half-year of this year. We are penetrating into new markets and are building 28 new production shops. This year we will launch them and are already purchasing the equipment.

- What are your plans for increasing the share of civil products and what priorities do you set - development of conventional production or search for new trends?

- In the course of INNOPROM-2015 exhibition we are demonstrating the intensive build-up of the civil component. For the first half-year of this year the sales volumes relating to civil products have been increased almost by 500 million roubles. For this year we are planning to master not less tha one hundred new devices in the production of civil system complexes. At the exhibition we show that we have a joint production in China, For example, this year we are planning to produce hundreds of names of joint products for the Asian market.

- What new developments can be call significant for the company?

- If you consider the trends in medical engineering products, then we show new complexes for newborns. For example, we showed the Chairman of RF Government a whole line of artificial lung ventilation apparatuses for newborns. As a part of implementation of the import phase-out program, the first resuscitation ward being fully equipped with domestic high-technology medical equipment is created based on the Ural research institute of motherhood and babyhood protection due to the equipment manufactured by Shvabe Holding.

In addition, the integrated solutions relating to light engineering products can also be called significant when all the matters connected with lighting, with energy fluxes are solved.

We are moving over all cities of the Russian Federation offering this integrated program. Today we have condujcted negotiations with the Cuban delegation and agreed that we will make a project for them for illumination of Havana.

In March we informed about prototypes of the sets of enlightened mirrors for prospective satellited of Resurs-PM and Aist-2 types and today we say that the first satellite planned for launching from the Vostochniy cosmodrome will fly with our equipment. It is super-miniature, its inherent features are minimum overall dimensions and unique weight characteristics, e.g. it will weigh about 90 kg. On its basis, a group for observation of the Earth situation will be formed in order to prevent emergency situations and catastrophes, the monitoring of the Earth surface as well as ecological monitoring will be performed, In addition, at Innoprom-2015 we present a unique project, Hational heliogeophysical complex. Without exaggeration, it is a world scale project. It is created to the order to the Russian Academy of Sciences and is designed for studying the Sun and its influence on the space weather. Apart from a tremendous scientific component, it will enables us to create several thousand new jobs in six regions in the country. It is designed until 2020, with the approximate cost being over 20 billion roubes. The project implies the establishment of conditions for Sun observation. In particular, it includes a unique solar telescolpe and radar complexes. Six such complexes will be combined in one colmputer centre. It is possible to obtain information in the online mode not only about the Sun but about the near-Earth space, i.e. predict and identify celestial bodies, which are moving towards the Earth. But the main thing is that the project enables to obtain new physical data about the Earth, e.g. changes in the climate, electromagnetic radiation, etc.

- What are your plans for the jubilee RAE-2015 International Arms Exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil in September?

- We will show special engineering equipment. I would like to note that all these engineering machinery, which passed at the 2015 Victory Parade and new serially manufactured machinery are equipped with our complexes. They are planes, helicopters, tanks, rifle weapons, etc.


Shvabe Holding integrates main Russian enterprises in the optical electronic industry. It comprises 64 organisations including Shvabe JSC as managing company as well as research institutes, design bureaus and science & production associations. The Holding's enterprises develop and manufacture high-tech optical electronic devices, systems and complexes for various purposes, optical materials, and medical and energy-saving lighting equipment.

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