The Shvabe development protects against bad food products


The specialists of Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation have developed the advanced quality control technology for food products. Within a few seconds the invention allows to determine compliance of the product quality with the requirements of National standard (GOST) and with the performance specification.

The technology is based on the analysis of optical refraction indices and chromaticity and currently has no analogues. With its help, experts will be able to analyze the quality of dairy and fermented dairy products, wines, vegetable oils and other food products.

Each product has its optical parameters. First of all, it is the index of refraction and chromaticity, which depend on the ingredients of the product and on the manufacturing technology. The invention is based on comparison of the parameters of the finished product with the reference product. In case of an acceptable deviation from the standard, the product is considered a quality product and can be consumed or sent to retail chains. In case of significant deviation, the sample is considered to be of poor quality.

The new development will become an alternative to the expensive complex of today, which consists of a colorimeter and three refractometers. The invention replaces these devices, speeding up the analysis and thereby allowing more samples to be checked. An additional point is that the price of the equipment is approximately two times lower than that of the currently used one. Another advantage is the simplicity of operation, the equipment does not require special skills from the staff and can be used directly in course of production and when products are delivered to points of sale.

According to the representative of Shvabe Technological Laboratory, a holding company, the analysis of the product with this technology takes no more than two seconds. Introduction of the technology will result in reduction in product failure and increase in measurement accuracy. The functions of the device do not depend on climatic or geographical conditions, therefore the device can be used anywhere in the world. Shvabe Technological Laboratory is a leader among the Russian developers of micro-chemical apparatus for the national economy. Among the latest developments of the laboratory are unique sugar-meter AP-05M and grain quality analyzer ‘Protein-1M’.

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