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This resource is the official Shvabe OJSC website. All the data and information contained on the Website and in its sections are for informational purposes only.

Materials available on the Website contain open and public information unless otherwise stipulated in special documents. These conditions apply to all visitors and users. Using the materials of the Website implies the user's agreement with these conditions.


All the materials of the official Shvabe OJSC website may be reproduced in any mass media, on Internet servers, or any other storage devices without any limitations in the scope or terms of publication.

This permission equally concerns newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television channels, websites, and pages on the Internet. The only condition for reprint, republication, or rebroadcast is a source reference. No preliminary Shvabe OJSC permission for reprint is required.


Personal information about the website's visitors (IP-addresses and domain names), as well as the data provided for the use of interactive services (e-mail addresses) are stored on the Website hardware and are used for statistical purposes only to ensure optimization of communications with users.  In any other circumstances, user data cannot be used or revealed in any way.

Personal information about the Website's users is stored and processed with full compliance with the requirements of the Russian personal information legislation.

Any sending of e-mails to the network (e-mail) addresses of the Website's users, as well as publication of links to such network (e-mail) addresses and/or Internet pages of the Website's users on the Website is permitted only if such sending or publication is directly mentioned in the rules of the use of the corresponding interactive service, and the users have granted their express permission for such sending or publication.


It is required to install the corresponding software to view certain files stored on the Website. You can use the following links if required. All the software listed herein is distributed free of charge.

1) OpenOffice or Lotus Symphony software can be used to view .doc, .xls and .ppt (.pps) files. 2) Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, or GSview can be used to view .pdf files. 3) IrfanView, GSview, or XnView can be used to view .jpeg and .tif (.tiff) images, including multi-page .tif, .gif, and .bmp files. 4) 7-Zip, WinZip, or IZArc can be used to open .zip and .rar archives. 5) Java software should be installed if .jar files open incorrectly.

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