Laser microscope with long-stroke stage “MIM-340”

Laser microscope with long-stroke stage “MIM-340”

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The MIM-340 laser measurement and information system is a unique microscope developed by Shvabe Holding that supports modulation interference microscopy (MIM) with up to 0.1 nm vertical resolution (Z-axis) and up to 10 nm XY-plane resolution.

The device is one of the world's best microscopes with an ultra-flat nanometer-resolution long-stroke translation stage and a wide application scope—from medicine to precision engineering, optical industry, materials science, and the aerospace sector.

An important feature of the MIM is its original algorithm for computing the phase of the object-reflected wave front, combining the processing speed of step methods and the ultra-high resolution of phase-measuring methods.

The main advantages of MIM-340: - Acquisition of a full 1280 х 1024 pixel image within only 0.3 seconds - Contactless measurement, ease of operation, and metrological measurement reliability - Visualization of an optically anisotropic region of a microstructure less than 100 nm in size - Nanoscale dynamics registration and "nano movie" recording

The operation of the microscope is based upon the combined application of original laser MIM microscopy technologies and aeromagnetic guides. This combination allows users to study the surface of large objects (up to (300 x 300) mm) without losing coordinates or focus.

The product contributes to the implementation of nano technology and creates new potential opportunities for the solution of scientific and industrial tasks.

According to RUSNANO experts, the MIM microscope is the world's best optical microscope in terms of resolution characteristics.

Specifications of the microscope
Optical magnification 1000 x
Field of view (µm) 7–150
Vertical resolution (nm) 0,1
XY-plane resolution (nm) 100–10
Picture size (pixels) 1024 x 1024
Frame rate (frames/s) 3–30
Light source 405 nm laser
Specifications of the translation stage
Stroke length (X – Y – Z) (mm) 300 x 300 x 100
Overall accuracy (nm) 150
Feedback resolution (nm) 100
Non-flat stroke (nm) 80
Non-straight stroke (nm) 40
Travel rate (mm/s) Up to 100
Weight capacity (kg) 100
Weight (kg) 700
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